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Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
$6.00 each
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets
$37.95 per kg
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Wursthaus Bacon Loose
$24.99 per kg
Cape Bruny Medium Oysters 12 Pack
$16.95 each
Buy Tasmanian
Lauriston Grove Ev O/​Oil 500ml
$31.95 each $6.39 per 10g
Buy Tasmanian
Sausage Roll Beef/​Cheese
$4.50 each
Woodbridge Cold Smoked Salmon 200g
$19.95 each $9.98 per 100g
Tasmanian Wursthaus Leg Ham
$29.95 per kg
Virginian Ham
$17.95 per kg
$28.95 per kg
Middle Bacon
$18.95 per kg
Salami Hungarian Mild
$39.95 per kg
Moussaka (​Slice) - Hill Street Kitchen
$9.95 each
Semi-Sundried Tomatoes
$22.95 per kg
Marinated Feta
$27.95 per kg
Pitted Kalamata Olives
$22.95 per kg
Princi Extra Hot Salami
was $55.00 $39.90 per kg
Gypsy Ham
$35.95 per kg
Ham Champagne
$18.95 per kg
Ready To Eat Pasta Large
$11.95 each
Shortcut Bacon
$19.95 per kg
B/​Less Tasmanian Dry Cured Ham
$29.95 per kg
$11.50 per kg
Tasmanian Ham Sliced/​Shaved
$33.50 per kg
Woodbridge Cold Smoked Salmon 100g
$9.95 each $9.95 per 100g
Almond Bread
$6.50 each
Butter Chicken Xlarge
$20.95 each
Chilli Salami
$35.50 per kg
Dry Chorizo
$30.95 per kg
Food2u Vegetarian Patties
$3.99 each
G&​G Sushi Assorted Pack
$15.65 each
Green Split Olives
$31.50 per kg
Grilled Chicken Breast - Hill Street Kitchen
$32.95 per kg
Hsk Mini Egg And Bacon Pie
$6.50 each
Hsk Roast Vegetable Patties
$4.50 each
Hsk Smoked Salmon Dill And Caper Patties
$4.50 each
Lamb Rogan Josh Small
$8.95 each
Norfolk Bay W/​Smoked Mussels Chilli 120g
$8.79 each $7.33 per 100g
Sliced Chicken Breast
$19.95 per kg
Smoked Turkey
$49.95 per kg
Squid Tubes Kg (​Thawed)
$23.50 per kg
Tasmanian Scallops 500g
$24.95 each $49.90 per kg
Zucchini, Corn & Ricotta Fritter - Hill Street Kitchen
$4.95 each
Antipasto Mix
$37.95 per kg
Balsamic Pitted Kalamata Olives
$29.95 per kg
Barramundi Fillets
$42.95 per kg
BBQ Artichokes
$39.95 per kg
Beef Lasagne (​Regular) - Hill Street Kitchen
$11.50 each
Beef Pastrami
$38.95 per kg
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